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    I agree with others. I really like the idea of Seth in the first name spot. Crosby is a bit too much and obvious to me. I feel like it doesn't really fit in with your other children's names that are more subtle and maintains more class. Elliot would work great if it weren't for Ella, unfortunately. Seth Crosby is cool as is Seth Elliot. I also like someone else's suggestion of using Graham.

    Other ideas (shot in the dark b/c not sure of your musical taste because you mentioned Elliot Smith and Crosby Stills and Nash and I"m assuming Jude from the Beatles and Tyler as in Steven Tyler):

    Simon (Paul Simon or Sid Vicious)
    Declan (Elvis Costello)
    Dylan (Bob Dylan)
    Keith (Keith Richards)
    Noel or Liam (Oasis)
    Isaac (Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse)
    Harrison (George Harrison)
    Sebastian (Sebastian Bach)
    Frederick/Freddy (Freddy Mercury)
    Lester, William or Paul (Les Paul)
    Gordon (Sting)

    Just some ideas. If none of these tickle your fancy, I'm sure you can find some others based on some of your favorite musicians that are a little less subtle than Crosby that fit your other kids' names.
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    I really love Elliott, but I like Crosby too, as it makes me think of Sidney Crosby.

    Elliott is the more established name though, so that would get my vote.
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    I don't want to choose between the two because I have a three year old named Elliot and a three month old named Crosby. Both are such fantastic names. But I do think Elliot is too close to Ella so Crosby is my choice. What about Crosby Elliot? I've gotten so many compliments on the name Crosby. It's unusual without being weird. And I love the fact that you have a family connection to it. I've had very few people mention the hockey connection. Some people ask if we are Crosby, Stills and Nash fans but not so much that it has become annoying. It's a solid name that's on the rise.

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    I think Nash would be a better pick. I love Elliot, but find it too close to Ella.

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    Elliot is just sooo common... Crosby makes me think of Bing Crosby... As for musical names, how about...
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    Bruno- Bruno Mars
    Richard- Richard Wagner
    Miller- Glen Miller
    Drake- Nick Drake
    Frank- Frank Sinatra
    Lenny- Lenny Kravitz
    Charles- Ray Charles
    Remy- Remy Zero
    Eddie- Eddie Vedder
    Louis- Louis Armstrong
    Colin- Colin Hay
    Ray- Ray LaMontagne
    Dean or Martin- Dean Martin
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