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    Britberry (Wales -UK)

    *Complete the BNG* with namebanks!

    LN namebank:
    Bennett | Pearson | Hart | Russell | Lee| Poole | Hunter| Saunders | Marshall | Humphreys | Glover| Bailey | Vincent | Singleton | McKenna | Faulkner | Young | Hooper | Sykes | Haynes | King | Bailey | Reynolds | Chadwick | Weaver | Cassidy |


    DW's Daughter from 1st marriage..

    Step children:

    Children with new hubby:

    GIRLS- ( You can alter the spelling if you want them to be unusual)
    Alexus | Dulcie | Genesis |Sage| Sonnet| Poet| Lyric| Storme| Sloane| Iris| Lacy| Wren| Lark| Skye| Zola| Norah| Lyra| Noelle| Celestine| Tabitha| Martha| Elsie|Kestrel| Phoenix| London| Emerald| Amber| Jade| Sapphire| Ocean| Breeze| Petal| Blossom| Tessa| Reily| Autumn| Dana| Molly| Erica| Sadie| Sascha| Seraphina| Evangeline| Imogen| Persephone| Ophelia| Amelia| Olivia| Caitlin| Teagen| Paisley| Robyn| Allette| Allegra| Dawson| Paige| Cora| Cassia| Dahlia|Vienne| Carys| Cailean| Avalon| Marcheline| Nina| Simone| Rosalie| Emmaline| Mabel| Meredith| Millie|Dominque| Arista| Nyla| Kendal| Cambria| Kairi| Piper| Prue.

    BOYS-( You can alter the spelling if you want them to be unusual)
    Lennox, Javier, Peirs, Peirce, Bailey, Benjamin, Hugh, Evan, Everest, Dylan, Rhys, Maxwell, Ivan, Falcon, Hawk, Euan, Cyras, Seth, Cameron, Roman, Cassius, Crispin, Casper, Tristan, Demetri, Rudy, Rafferty, Linx, Jett, Braeleigh, Brody, Gallagher, Dominic, Nicholas, Jude, Emmett, Rory, Niall, Haydn, Blaise, Tiernan, Connor, Cillian, Kian, Eoin, Felix, Theo, Myles, Leo, Evander, Amadeus, Mars, Stone, Jupiter, Orion, Diesel, Harrison, Brandon, Mitchell, Brogan, Wiley , Kenton, Aristotle, Newton, Zephyr, Grey, Levi, Emrys, Merlin, Caius, Ashton.

    You can add your own middle names or pick middles from the name banks..

    Add pictures & ages if you wish too!
    Mum to Bailey and Liberty

    MMC Dec '16

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    LN- Bailey
    DH- Caius Eoin
    DW- Meredith Vienne

    DW's Daughter from 1st marriage..
    DD- Imogen Simone
    SIL- Euan Cyras
    DD- Cambria Elsie "Cam"
    DS- Hayden Pierce
    DD- Emerald Breeze "Emily"

    Step children:
    DSD- Dawson Alexus "Dawn"
    DSS- Ivan Rhys
    DSD/DSD- Sonnet Sage, Lyric Storme "Sunny and Lucy"
    DSS/DSS- Diesel Stone, Cillian Rafferty

    Children with new hubby:
    DS- Kian Amadeus
    DD- Dominique Martha "Dom"
    DD- Noelle Amber "Elle"
    DS- Levi Blaise
    DS/DD/DD- Rory Gallagher, Cailean Dana, Kendall Arista "Cai"
    DS- Brandon Maxwell
    DS- Felix Wiley
    DS/DS- Connor Demitri, Dylan Brody
    DD- Amillie Jayde "Millie"
    DS- Caspar Niall

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    Husband: Brandon Hugh King (47)
    Wife: Norah Lacy Russell-King (44)

    Norah's Daughter from 1st marriage..
    Daughter: Imogen Evangeline Russell-Poole (Gen, 26)
    Son-In-Law: Rudy Ivan Poole (29)
    1st Daughter: Avalon Simone Poole (Ava, 5)
    1st Son: Cillian Jude Poole (3)
    2nd Daughter: Rosalie Piper Poole (Rosie, 5 months)

    Norah's Step-Children:
    1st Step-Daughter: London Sage Bailey (27)
    1st Step-Son: Dylan Pierce King (26)
    2nd Step-Daughter: Nyla Meredith King (23, Twin)
    3rd Step-Daughter: Nina Mabel King (23, Twin)
    2nd Step-Son: Connor Evan King (20, Twin)
    3rd Step-Son: Everest Falcon King (20, Twin)

    Children with new hubby:
    1st Son: Felix Jett King (16)
    1st Daughter: Cora Noelle King (15)
    2nd Daughter: Iris Wren King (14)
    2nd Son: Harrison Niall King (Harris, 10)
    3rd Son: Kenton Seth King (Kenny, 8, Triplet)
    4th Daughter: Amber Amelia King (8, Triplet)
    5th Daughter: Jade Olivia King (8, Triplet)
    4th Son: Brody Orion King (Brad, 6)
    5th Son: Newton Rhys King (Newt, 5)
    6th Son: Casper Blaise King (3, Twin)
    7th Son: Dominic Myles King (3, Twin)
    6th Daughter: Paisley Autumn King (2)
    8th Son: Nicholas Roman King (Nico, Newborn)
    || Anja || Arabela || Aviva || Behara || Delajla || Elif || Ejlem || Hazal || Nudžejma ||
    || Alaga || Džan || Elham || Ilijas || Khan || Musa || Naser || Oz || Rijad || Zejn ||

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    Feb 2012
    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    LN- Bennett
    DH- Domonic Piers *Dom*
    DW-Dana Dulcie *DeeDee*

    DW's Daughter from 1st marriage..
    DD- Sascha Rosalie Hart *Nee Vincent*
    SIL- Brandon Niall Hart
    DD- Molly Olivia Hart
    DS- Haydn Mitchell Hart
    DD- Erica Imogen Hart

    Step children:
    DSD- Alexus Paige
    DSS-Cyrus Cameron
    DSD/DSD- Mabel Lyra & Lacy Martha
    DSS/DSS-Kenton Theo & Tiernan Leo

    Children with new hubby:
    DS- Dylan Jude
    DD- Teagen Paisley
    DD- Avalon Phoenix
    DS-Orion Brody
    DS/DD/DD-Caius Zephyr | Cassia Sadie | Caitlin Norah *Cai|Cas|Cait*
    DS-Maxwell Ashton Bennett
    DS-Levi Rafferty
    DS/DS-Bailey Evan & Cillian Seth
    DD- Kairi Piper
    DS- Rory Myles
    Mum to Bailey and Liberty

    MMC Dec '16

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    LN- Young
    DH- Rudy Hugh
    DW- Cora Tabitha

    DW's Daughter from 1st marriage..
    LN: Hart
    DD- Norah Carys
    SIL- Theo Rafferty
    DD- Imogen Celestine
    DS- Felix Jupiter
    DD- Persephone Marcheline

    Step children:
    DSD- Simone Emerald
    DSS- Leo Cassius
    DSD/DSD- Emmaline Jade and Evangeline Sapphire
    DSS/DSS- Myles Grey and Nicholas Niall (Milo and Nico)

    Children with new hubby:
    DS- Orion Casper
    DD- Mabel Wren
    DD- Iris Poet
    DS- Jude Cillian
    DS/DD/DD- Evander Zephyr and Seraphina Rosalie and Cassia Autumn
    DS- Emmett Tristan
    DS- Dominic Lennox
    DS/DS- Caius Rhys and Roman Merlin
    DD- Lyra Sage
    DS- Harrison Benjamin (Harry)

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