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Thread: Salem???

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    I think if you don't mind the associations, and instead of associating it with cruelty you go with the Halloweeny-ness, it's fine. I wouldn't do it, but I can't un-associate with the awfulness.

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    I love Salem but for a girl.
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    I've run into two children named Salem in my years of substitute teaching. One boy, one girl. The girl didn't have a nickname, but the boy occasionally went by Lem, and it was elaborated into Lemony by several students (keep in mind they had been reading the books and the movie was at its high point then). I thought it was sweet.
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    I have two associations. I grew up near Salem, Oregon, so I think of the city and that's a fairly neutral association. I also think of the Stephen King book 'Salem's Lot (though in the book the word is short for Jerusalem.) That definitely fits in with your creepy theme! I guess my main question when I meet people with "place names" is what the relationship they (or their parents) have to the place. It seems like there should be one... but that's just me! And for the record, I would never think of the cat in Sabrina... but that was a little after my time.

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    Thank you all!
    and to mischa, I know it was a terrible time, but that doesn't take away my love for the name. It's not like I'm naming him Adolf or something. lol

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