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Thread: Salem???

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    I have been absolutely in love with this name since I first saw it on nameberry. I love the 5 letters, the 2 syllables, I LOVE the way it sounds, and I love the meaning: "peace". I know a lot of people dislike this name because of the associations with the Salem Witch Trials and with the cat. But I actually like these associations!! I love how they give the name a kind of Halloween feel, like Sabrina or Lector. So with all of that said, here's the big question: Is it usable? If not, WHY? Would you be totally repulsed if you met a little Salem?
    It would be for a boy, by the way.
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    It is usable. I have seen a few little girls named Salem. It isn't even that strange, really.

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    You like the associations with the Salem Witch Hunts? Is it cool to burn mostly innocent human beings for no reason? You know it was mostly women that were used for scapegoats, don't you? I think you need to do more research.
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    I mean, I would sort of argue it isn't useable, but for reasons you're fine with, in which case I guess you could make the call that it's useable in your book, even if not in mine! While I think the association with Sabrina's cat will eventually fade (though it is one of the first things I think parents might think of), the panic, horror, misogyny and religious freakout, and cruelty of that remembered period of history won't fade. Having spent a fair bit of time in NC, that Puritan association is lifted a little by the quaint town of Salem down there. I see how the name looks and sounds nice. Perhaps it might make a useable, Halloweeny middle, but I wouldn't personally put it up front.

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    I think it's completely usable. I live about halfway between two awesome towns named Salem (Yes, one of which is Mass) and would love to be associated with either. I also agree that it has an amazing sound and feel. I would use it in a second if it sounded right with my favorite names.

    I've never met a boy named Salem, but have met one girl.

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