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    It's not really stupid to give a girl a boy's name. And it doesn't mean they'd rather have a boy instead of a girl. I think it's mostly about creativity.

    Lindsay, nowadays, is used only for a girl's name, BUT Lindsay WAS once a masculine name.

    However, Ryder is very terrible for a little girl. Ryder (Ride Her) Come on.. I like Finley for a girl. That's really cute. I think if you're going to use typical boy names for a girl, make sure the boy's names aren't completely masculine. Names like James, Mordecai, Gabriel, Haslett, etc. would be too much for a girl.
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    I don't like this trend. There are so many wonderful girl names (arguably more variety than for boys,) so what's the appeal of co-opting a boy name? And it's irritating that it's perfectly acceptable to name a girl Dylan or Emerson, but everyone would be aghast if you named your son Ava or Violet. It reinforces the idea that masculine is something to aspire to, while feminine is lesser. And with so many boy names being used on girls, now parents are turning to hyper-masculine names. I don't think there's anything wrong with unisex names, I just don't think every boy name should be up for grabs for girls, until there's nothing left for boys but Thor and Tank!

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    I don't mind them for other people's kids but they wouldn't be names I'd recommend if someone was undecided and wanted input.
    But Ryder, no. Doesn't give me the best impression for a boy and i really don't think it's a nice name to saddle (eh?) a girl with.

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    I don't like this trend at all. So many parents are trying to be different and "unique" by sticking a boy name on a girl. It makes me feel bad for the boys who have to deal with the awkwardness of sharing a name with a girl in his class/work/etc.... And believe me, its way more awkward for the boy. No boy wants to feel like he has a girly name and its way more acceptable for a girl to have a masculine name than a boy to have a unisex/feminine name. It also reinforces the idea that its okay for girls to be masculine and a tomboy, and also girly-girls, but its not okay for boys to be even a little feminine. I just feel so bad for boys in this day and age, I wish people would stop taking their names and putting them on their little girls and making them girls names.

    As for the name Ryder, I think its bad enough on a boy. And I think in middle school and High School she could be teased/bullied for her name. Kids could twist its meaning to something other than a horse rider, if you know what I mean.
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    Most of the names "for boys" used on girls are names like Quinn, which I consider trendy and unisex. It's not a traditional name by any means and it can go either way.

    James, on the other hand, is a classic male name. If I met a girl baby James, I wouldn't hesitate to say I think it belongs on a boy. This a traditional name that should be respected.

    BTW where I live the Ride her, Ride her would certainly be a thing with middle school and high school and maybe older boys.

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