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    Boys names for little girls

    What's your opinion on naming a little girl something like Ryder, Finley, or Declan? Names that are typically a boy's?
    I know this is a bit of a popular topic, but I'm interested in hearing some opinions.

    I've recently fallen in love with the name Ryder.
    Are there any boys names that you would consider for a girl?

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    I think it's great, and I wish all names were considered unisex. I personally love Dylan and James for both, but prefer them on girls. I also love Josie and Whitney for a boy (but not for girls at all). I think everyone has their own opinions/preferences, and that is fine! Variety is the spice of life.

    Declan is my favorite of your choices. Ryder is certainly not my cup of tea, but if it sounds right for your child and you love it, you should feel free to use it, whether your baby has a penis or not.

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    I think Ryder on either sex is dreadful, but especially for girls. "Ride her" or calling her a 'Rider' are just way too obvious. I can imagine the name to be a burden.
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    Well I pronounce Ryder as Rydah because I'm Australian so I don't get the Ride Her connection.I do like Spencer, Quinn and Darcy for a girl.
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    I think boys names on girls are stupid. What's wrong with giving your daughter a girls name? Do you really wish she was a boy instead?

    If you like Ryder, what about Vesna? It's a feminine name and has the same meaning as Ryder (ride her).
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