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    eww and I just thought a lewd joke "Hey Pandora show me your box"...not good for a teenager :/

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    When you say "the Pandora's box thing" do you mean the myth? Because I don't think that's a bad association at all. She opened a box (or jar.) Big whoop. I feel like most of the population, if given a box and told not to open it, would open it. Personally, I like Pandora. To me, her name is synonymous with curiosity, which is a fantastic thing that pretty much all children are full of.

    Anyway, if you pay attention to the details of the myth, it was all a set-up anyway. Zeus wanted to punish Epimetheus so Zeus punished Epimetheus.

    Also, it's a gorgeous name with a great meaning. Sure, there are the charms and the internet radio station, but those associations don't bother me. If the virus becomes widely known that might deter me a bit, but who knows if that'll happen.
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    Mythic names often have deep layers of meaning. Pandora only seen in the "Pandora's Box" light is one of the more narrow interpretations of the name.

    Some scholars believe that Pandora is from an earlier Earth-mother goddess (akin to Gaia). The shift in her story, from all-giving (her name actually means "all-giving") mother goddess to a Zeus-created troublemaker of sorts. (Thank you, patriarchy).

    Ancient female deities seem to always get spun around, and somehow always end up causing the world's suffering. Pandora didn't do it out of maliciousness, she was just curious. (See the lesson? Women shouldn't be curious, they must know their place).

    Anyway, I think we can overcome the stigma of the name. Even if it's used in for a disease that we'll probably speak of infrequently unless we're biologists who specialize in the matter.
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    No, I've always liked Pandora, regardless of the story, as long as it doesn't get ridiculously popular, my first future daughter will have it as her first name.
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