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Thread: 3rd baby name?

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    3rd baby name?

    We are expecting our 3rd baby and will not be finding out if we will be welcoming a boy or a girl until their birthday. This means we need to go to the hospital with names for both genders.

    Our other children's names are Luke and Mia. Both have family middle names, so we will be continuing this for the new baby.

    Right now we have a few favorite names.
    For a girl: Elianna or Stella
    For a boy: Jack or Crew

    Which ones do you think go best with the names of our older children? Or other suggestions?

    Some family names that could be used for MNs:
    James or Jameson

    We are also open to using James for a girl MN.

    Can't wait to hear what you all come up with! Thanks in advance for the help...
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    Elianna James and Jack Walter are my favorites from your list.

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    Thank you. Sometimes it just takes someone else who hasn't been thinking about the same exact names for weeks to come up with a different combination. I like the suggestions so far and they are different than the ones that were at the top of our list. I had Stella James and Jack Ernest ...

    Personally, I feel like Stella and Jack "match" our other kids names better, but both my husband and I are hesitant to go with what seems to be very popular Jack ... And we both just love the beauty of the name Elianna.

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    Stella & Jack I like best. Jack Theodore, Jack James. I like the name Leo Crew or Theodore James but I know that Leo and Theodore are middle names. Stella Michelle I love or Stella Katherine.

    If you like Elianna & Stella can I suggest Estella then it's a mix of Stella & Elianna. Or You could do Stella Elianna. You could do Estella Leona then you have Leo in there as well.

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