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    I'm inclined to agree they're a little strange together. It's not terrible but so many other names would be better.

    They're different in feel, and if your husband doesn't like Beatrix he might not like any of these, but you could "get at" both of them with Beatrice Alicia or Beatrice Allison or Beatrice Alix, or Alice Beata.

    I think a lot of which you go with could depend on your last name. I understand if you don't want to share but if you could give a soundalike it might help. Of course, maybe you have a last name that sounds equally good with both. I think my own personal preference is mildly for Beatrice but Alice would sound much better with my own last name.

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    I am going to choose Beatrice - I love the meaning: "Blessed, she who brings happiness." And I love the nn Bee or Bea.
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    I really love both names, but like previous posters, I'd choose Beatrice because it's slightly more uncommon and has cute nickname options. Maybe save Alice for a future child? I think they're okay as a sibset despite the rhymey endings.
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    Alice!!!!! Beatrice is getting too popular

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    Beatrice. I really love it. The meaning is lovely, the nickname options are great and it's not that common. You really can't go wrong with either, however.
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