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    Jockster, Cordius, Arctus, anything made up or a cartoon/game character. I don't like the majority of his lol...
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    My husband had fairly traditional tastes. The only name he's ever really pushed for has been Patrick, which I loved and immediately couldn't imagine using anything else. He really likes Sarah and Stephen right now but not so much he won't budge on them. He did suggest Molly for a girl, which won't work with a Mary in my opinion. However right now my biggest naming complaint is that he won't discuss names at all since we're not going to be even TTC a third for close to another year. He also dismisses a lot of my favorite names because of connections to people. In some cases it makes sense but other times it doesn't sound like the connection is that strong just somebody he knew.
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    So I have leaned toward the more popular names or really crazy ones. My hubby has mad compromises and said if u pick the name I get to spell it. That's how we got M'kæla (Mikayla) and Alyza (Aliza). If he picked one of our girls would have been Sasha.

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    It is like pulling teeth to get my SO to talk about names with me. We don't plan to TTC for a couple years, but because I am name obsessed I want to talk about them all the time. We agree, sort of, on boys, but he thinks all my girl suggestions are "too much". I like Cordelia, Jessamine, Claudia, Philippa, Georgiana, Caroline, Felicity, Lucille, etc. The only ones he's agreed on are Josephine and Tessa. Oh, and Katherine, but I'd rather use it as a middle.

    His girl suggestions, when I can pull them from him, are things like Sarah or Rachel. I just find them a little plain. But since it is years away, we have plenty of time to find common ground. And hopefully once there is actually a baby on the way, talking about names with him will be less like pulling teeth. At least I have the forums and my bestie who is also a berry to bounce names with in the meantime!
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