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    My husband once suggested Galileo. I only remember this one because it was the least terrible of his suggestions.

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    My husband likes to be silly and pick at me, but from the very beginning he had always suggested Pedro. He goes as far to name all of our children, while still in the womb, Baby Pedro. I told him he could get a dog and name it Pedro or a donkey. lol I just really dislike the name. Other than that, he will joke (at least I hope) about naming our children Optimus Prime. I have learned to ignore this suggestion. Other than that we tend to like similar names.
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    My husband and I have similar tastes. He suggested Ignatius for our first baby and I loved it, and when I suggested Orlando for our second baby he loved that instantly.

    Some names he likes are (not including our son's names): Seraphina, Persephone, Cressida, Faramond, Percival & Leander. I pretty much love them all too! I'm pretty lucky to have a partner who enjoys similar names than me, I guess! He does joke around sometimes and say we should called our next baby Jaidyn or Elyzbeth just to wind me up, though.

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    DH had some seriously different taste in our naming process - his suggestions: Olie (for a girl, OH-lee), Rambo (boy, of course), Strong.
    Obviously, none went over very well. They were also pretty much his ONLY suggestions.

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    Once my husband tried to get me to promise if we ever have b/b twins we would name them Rocky & Rambo!

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