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    Fathers with Crazy Taste?

    There seem to be a lot of posts about trying to find a compromise or a middle ground when naming, and I always think it's interesting to see exactly what the debate is. A lot of fathers seem to have very 'normal,' 'classic,' or 'popular' taste, but I also see some with pretty interesting suggestions.

    So, I'm curious, what are some crazy names from the other side of the fence, so to speak? Or just differences in taste.
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    My husband and I share similar name tastes. However, he did suggest Mistletoe for Pyrus had he been a girl and that kind of made me look at him like O_O. We met a girl once named Bougainvillea and he is still caught up on it. I don't share his love for either name.
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    My partner suggested Lando (as an alternative to my love for Orlando) and Hugo he also really loves Lloyd :shock: i find his name choices verge on the "nerdy" side more so then mine- names from star wars ect, but so far he has agreed to some of my more out there names such as March.

    He dosnt have a wide range of names in his data base then what i have so thats why most names we agree on are ones i suggest as they are a bit more interesting in my opinion!. Otherwise most of his suggestions have been in the top 100.

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    My SO and I recently broke-up, but when we were together and did talk about names, we pretty much had the same name in tastes. Though he did suggest some things like Rosie or Rosaliese and Noah that I wasn't too fond of.
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    My husband likes epic/tough boy names. Ulysses & Cassius are favorites of his. He once mentioned Zeus! I am really into the boring classics for boys. I would name a boy John or Francis in a heartbeat. He loathes both. I think that a nice neutral name is more masculine than a super tough one that could just seem so ironic on a less macho kind of guy.

    He also has this crazy name rule that he can't have ever known a person with the names on our list! And this includes mere acquaintances & people we have basically no connection to. He's vetoed so many good names based on ridiculous things like, he once knew a guy in middle school whose older sister was named Vivian. Did he hate Vivian? No, he never even talked to her! Scarlet is out cause we had a neighbor with that name 3 houses ago...

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