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    I definitely prefer Mila Rose, it flows the best & is more feminine

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    Mila Rose or Arden Rose is nice

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    Hmm. I didn't think of Garden Rose, to be honest, but even if I had I don't think it would be a bad association. In fact, I think if someone did make that connection it would be more charming than anything.

    I like Arden Isabel a lot, it has a nice flow to it. Definitely prefer to Bella, which did not flow well to me. I still love Belle as a middle name, too!

    The comment about the adult star having a similar name is a bit concerning. Maybe you could do a little research to see if she is well known? Have you considered Milena as a long version to Mila? Only suggesting if the adult-film connection is too strong. I have heard Milena pronounced mill-EE-na and mill-AY-na and I think both of those are lovely, if for nothing else just to get you a little further from any unpleasant associations (but you would still call her Mila, but when her full name was said it would be Milena Rose, so no potential badness).

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    They are both beautiful names! Arden Bella did remind me of the Barden Bella's from Pitch Perfect as well, but it's still very pretty!
    How about Arden Rose Bella?

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    I love Arden! So by default I like Arden Bella, but Mila Rose flows better.

    Arden Rose is a great suggestion.
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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