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    I like both first names. My personal preferences make me lean towards Arden, as it has the adorable nickname option of Ari and Mila might have the "mealy" associations (like the displeasing texture in food).

    In terms of combo's, however, I give the edge to Mila Rose. I am definitely not fond of the way Arden Bella sounds...if you say it quickly, it kind of sounds like a virus ("She caught that Ardenbella virus that's been going around") and doesn't really flow well to me.

    Have you considered Arden Belle? I have always been partial to the name Belle myself as opposed to Bella, and I think it works better as a middle. I also completely agree with the above suggestion of Arden Rose.

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    I just want to caution you that there is an "adult" actress named Mi@ R0se. I know this because she plays World of Warcraft, and her films have a WoW role-playing theme, and she is very well-known in the WoW community--so much so that Blizzard games created a character, Mi@ the R0se, who is modeled on her film persona.

    I love the name Mila Rose, but the FIRST thing I thought of was Mi@ R0se. Arden Bella is also a beautiful name, and I like the suggestion of Arden Rose as well.
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    I love Mila Rose, it's just so sweet! I also like Arden Rose. Personally I think that Arden Belle sounds better than Arden Bella.

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    Thanks for the feedback so far.

    I have also considered:

    Arden Isabel

    We originally were going to go with Arden Rose but a few people said they thought of 'Garden Rose' - we still like it though just unsure now...

    So the combos are:

    Arden Rose
    Arden Isabel
    Arden Bella / Belle
    Mila Rose

    Thank you all so much...

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    I think Mila Rose is the best combination. For me, Mila is a more feminine name and so I prefer that. My first choice from your list for Arden would be Belle and I agree with your comment about Arden Rose being thought of as "Garden Rose" so I would probably discount that one.

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