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    Ethan - Probably in my all-time favorite, Ethan is at the top.
    William - I think it's suitable for all ages, universal and a little bit royal.
    Peter - Classic and strong, but the vowels soften the sound.
    Nathan - Another classic, biblical name, but it's also fancy.
    Oliver - Love the O.

    Honorable mentions in favorites: Eli, Dexter, Griffin, Henry.

    Least favorites:

    Graeme - Sounds fancy, but I have no clue how to pronounce it correctly as a foreigner. Graham is definitely easier.
    Jago - I just can't see it on a child.
    Hamish - Reminds me too much of the Amish community, I'm sorry.
    Bertram - I prefer Bram over Bertram.
    I don't have a fifth name, honestly. I can tolerate the others quite well.
    Irene; Name lover in her twenties; single; Au pair by day, writer by night.

    Current favorites, not in order:
    Eden - Evelyn - Hadley - Alice - Emily - Zoey - Greta - Jezebel - Zelda - Anna - Charlotte - Clara - Katherine/Kate - Amber
    Ethan - Adam - William - Peter - Harvey - Galen - Kenneth - Kieran - Theo - Daniel - David - Gabriel - Blake - Alexander/Zander - Logan

    The National's Names List

    Peculiar Italian Names for Girls

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    Like There were a lot I liked on this list

    1. Benjamin I just do, no reason I can give
    2 .Dexter Dex Love it
    3. Eli What my next son would have been had I had a next son
    4. Griffin Alluding to the mythical beast what is not to love
    5. Tobias Solid. Good nn fits a boy to a man.


    1. Adrian I do not like it for girls either
    2. Betram Like Bram just fine
    3. Elliot Sounds Prissy to me
    4. William strictly personal!
    5. Henry most Henry's I have known or heard of were horrible people. ie Henry the 8th

    Almost made the list!!

    Graeme I think I prefer the Graham spelling
    Hamish Kind of cool, I like the way it sounds, just too odd for a real name
    Leopold Love Leo but I like Leonid and Leon better
    Malcolm Because the other 5 spots were taken
    Rupert The only Rupert I have ever heard of was on Survivor and he was an awesome dude.
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    5 favorite:
    I like these because they’re not completely outlandish, but they’re still unique and I think they can fit at any age.

    5 least favorite:
    These five just remind me of five old, grumpy men. Bertram reminds me of a butler, Alistair of an old rich British man, Hamish of a cranky neighbor, and Peter and Malcolm I just think are outdated.
    xoxo Sam
    (Current faves: Leighton, Serena, Cassidy, Callahan, Logan, Tucker, Hunter, Sawyer)

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    Matilda, Louise, Zoe
    Gregory, Ezra, Simon

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