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    Help! 4th child, 2nd boy, 1st time stumped on a name!!

    Hi all,
    I am currently pregnant with our fourth child, second boy and due end of Sept! We are over the moon to be having our second son but really struggling with a name. All of our children have been given family names, one from each side (mother's and father's) Grace Dean, Tatum Bradford, and Emelia Rose.

    I like distinguished sounding names and right now our only agreed upon names are: Arthur and Miles.

    However, my husband wants Miles Arthur and I like Arthur Miles :/

    And, while these ARE family names our son also has a name for the baby, which he made up, he calls him Flambacco, lol! So, bc we are struggling we have started to look to that name for inspiration as well.

    So, my questions are:
    Arthur or Miles for first name/middle name and why?
    Other distinguished sounding names to go with sibling's names?
    Are there any names that can be pulled from Flambacco (a 4year old's unique name for his unborn brother)

    Other family names include: Robert, John, Paul, Lee, James, William
    Non family names I like: Rhett, Archer

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    Prefer Miles Arthur because I prefer Miles. Arthur makes me think of a cartoon character (can't remember which animal he was...a mouse? aardvark? with glasses)

    "distinguished" brainstorming...
    Delano (FDR)
    Thaddeus (nn Thadd) as in Thaddeus Stevens

    btw I also love Rhett (DH vetoed) Rhett William perhaps

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    Congratulations on your second little boy!
    Suggestions I think go well with brother Tatum - Campbell, Barrett, Cullen, Reed, Griffin, Davis, Keaton, Jacoby, Lennox, Lawson, Sullivan, Everett, Grant, Pierce, Edmund, Landon, Harrison, Jameson, Dominic and Simon.
    Flambacco inspiration -
    'F' names - Faolan, Felix, Fenton, Finian, Fintan and Flint.
    Names ending in 'O' - Hugo, Leo, Matteo, Theo, Laszlo, Otto, Lorenzo (Enzo), Draco, Orlando, Marco, Jericho, Antonio and Carlo.
    Names I cam up with from the letters of Flambacco - Mac (Mack), Falco, Malcolm/Colm, Cal. If 'Flam' is pronounced as in 'Flame', maybe Blaize? Not sure I am going to be much help, coming up with suggestions from Flambacco! Perhaps since Miles is a contender, you could make it Milo? It then has the 'O' ending from Flambacco.
    Wishing you all the very best in your naming journey.
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