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    Rufus, Jethro, and all seriousness...we are in name combo love..

    I know our before post, was not real but now...we think its perfect? What about a girls name to go with the combo?
    Middle names? Thoughts on the combo?

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    Sooki, Ellie May, and a female Japanese anime or videogame character? Seriously, I do like Rufus, but the kid better be exceedingly suave to pull it off.

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    Goku sticks out like a sore thumb and will forever be tied to Dragon Ball Z. I have a name that's only somewhat related to an anime character and the comparison gets mentioned enough already, so I can only imagine that having the name Goku would be a billion times worse.

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    Having never watched Dragon Ball Z, I don't make that connection, but a brief google search reveals that every *single* link is related to Dragon Ball Z, which tells me this name is less than usable. There's even a Soulja Boy song about the character.

    My first thought was that this name reminds me of the Japanese word for cockroach (gokiburi), also not the most positive reference.
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    Rufus and Jethro are fine together. Goku would be the joke of the trio. I think you should reconsider the third boys name. I wouldn't want to make him feel like you gave up when it came to his name.
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