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    Xavier - I like it. I'm not sure I love it, but I do like it a lot, and would be happy to meet a little Xavier. My only problem with it is that I like it in theory, but almost always, when I come across Xavier in a combo, I don't love it so much. I still think it's a nice name, though.
    Caleb - love. Caleb is my favorite boys' name--it has been for such a long time. I can easily see me with a little Caleb, and I would be so excited to meet a little boy with the name!
    Nathan - I like it, but I'm not excited about it or anything.
    Ezra - love. It's a MN on my list (Charles Ezra Saxon), and I usually do prefer it as a middle, but I think it'd make a lovely first, too.
    Jared - it feels dated to me, and I have quite strong associations to the name, but it's a strong, solid name that would serve a guy well in life, I think.
    Jasper - I LOVE Caspar and Gaspard, but I don't really get the appeal of Jasper. It just doesn't seem that great to me, sorry.
    Noah - LOVE Noah. It's been a favorite for a long time, but popularity, and a few other factors have kept me from using it up front. I'm thinking about it as a middle, though--I think it's very handsome.
    Matteo - I never thought this was really great, but a little girl from a little town in Peru called San Mateo has recently come into my life, so I've been noticing Matteo/Mateo a lot more in the past week or so. I think it's lovely, and I think Matt/Matty and Teo are adorable for nns.
    Lucas - I don't love Lucas, but I do like Lucian.
    Leonado - I like Leo. Leonardo is okay, but I much prefer other ways to get to Leo (particularly Leopold and Leander!).
    Joaquin - meh, I don't really see the appeal. It's not a bad name, though.
    Liam - a bit overdone, imo, but it has the lovely, and somewhat sensitive, Irish vibe that I love. There's something about Irish/Scottish/British guys, haha. I would be happy to meet a Liam.
    Sawyer - like it a lot. I've considered it for my list before, but it's just not got something to it. I prefer Spencer and Schuyler, but I do like Sawyer a lot, and would be happy to meet a little one with the name.
    Cato - I've been thinking about this recently! It's got such a fun sound, and such an ancient Roman feel to it that's so fun. I like it much more for a MN, but I would be tickled pink to meet a little Cato, regardless.
    James - feels a bit blah to me, but a nice name, anyhow. I love the nn Jamie for a boy.
    Julian - the only real reason I love this is for the nn Jules (or even Ian). I love Jules on a boy!
    Pierre - okay, but I prefer the French diminutive, Pierrot (pee-air-oh, essentially).
    Charlie - LOVE Charlie. It's on my list as a nn for Charles, but I still love Charlie. If I weren't so OCD about using nns as given names (somehow, Jack and Tess just don't apply, to me), I would probably opt for just Charlie. I love it.
    Patrick - I like it a lot, and love the nns Pax and Paddy.
    Jackson - LOVE Jack, but don't get the appeal of Jackson, sorry. It just seems so trendy to me.
    Emmett - I like it, but I prefer Everett.
    Everett - Everett! I knew it was coming, but I still got excited anyway, haha. I adore Everett, it's my second pick for a boy.
    Bradley - I can see the appeal. I prefer it as a MN, though. I once read a novel about a Lord Bradley of England, and he made it seem so much cooler and British rather than American and dated.
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    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    I love Sawyer. I also like Nathan, Noah, Matteo, Joaquin, and Jackson.

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    XavierUnique and masculine.
    Caleb – I don't feel like this name ages well. I have a hard time picturing it on grown men. Too cute maybe? I LOVE the nn Cal/Cale. Calvin is a good alternative that I feel does age well...
    Nathan – I like it, but I know a lot of Nathans.
    Ezra – I like it
    Jared – A little dated
    Jasper – So cute, but hipster is the first thing I think of.
    Noah- love it, classic and I really don't know many kids with this name.
    MatteoLove this name! Love Matthias too.
    Lucas – Strong and masculine, but VERY popular in my area.
    Leonado – I prefer Leo
    Joaquin – I like it. I think people will mispronounce it all the time (unfortunately)
    LiamWay too popular. I'm really starting to dislike this name. It's the new Riley/Aidan for me. Prefer William.
    Sawyer – I like it, but I think it is going the girl direction like mentioned above.
    Cato – Trendy, but sounds cool.
    James – Short, simple and classic. Can’t go wrong
    PierreLove, but strikes me as strange on a non-French child
    Patrick –Like Patrick, hate nn Pat for a guy.
    Jackson – Prefer to simple Jack. Jackson is trendy
    Everett – My favorite. This is my top two for a boy.
    Bradley – Dated, but I like it.

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