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    Xavier - ok
    Caleb - NMS
    Nathan - boring
    Ezra - interesting
    Jared - dated
    Jasper - ADORABLE
    Noah - popular
    Matteo - interesting
    Lucas - ok
    Leonado - (r)? - heavy
    Joaquin - very specific ethnicity here
    Liam - popular
    Sawyer - ok
    Cato - trendy
    James - nice
    Julian - NMS
    Pierre - a little out there
    Charlie - cute, like Charles better
    Patrick - ADORE
    Jackson - trendy
    Emmett - nice
    Everett - nice
    Bradley - dated

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    Xavier - This is my favourite "X" name for boys. Avi could be his nn.
    Caleb - A strong Biblical classic. Nicknames could be Cal or Cale.
    Nathan - I prefer Nathaniel but Nathan is a fine name too. Nn Nat or Nate.
    Ezra - One of the "softer" Biblical names ending in "a" I like for boy. I love Micah too!
    Jared - dated
    Jasper - Love it! It has a jaunty English flair.Nn Jazz?
    Noah - a name that translates well in many cultures. The only drawback is its popularity.
    Matteo - an exotic choice that works well with other Spanish, Italian as well as European names. I don't think I like it with something traditional like James.
    Lucas - A solid citizen, down-to-earth and dependable. Nickname would be Luke of course!
    Leonado - Da Vinci was a Renaissance man so he's a great namesake. I do prefer just Leo on its own.
    Joaquin - one of my favourite Spanish names. This name sounds good with more exotic names from Europe. Quin as a nn?
    Liam - Overdone
    Sawyer - spunky but trendy
    Cato - I think of OJ Simpson's houseboy Kato Kaelin.
    James - classic and traditional. Jock as a nn?
    Julian - a multicultural powerhouse! Love it!
    Pierre - I like it but you may get stuck with all French names.
    Charlie - I love Charlie - as a nn for Charles.
    Patrick - better in the middle spot
    Jackson- Prefer just Jack.
    Emmett - Handsome
    Everett - Awesome and you can use the nn Rhett
    Bradley - not a fan
    All the best,

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    Xavier- Very strong and handsome
    Caleb- Cute, but popular
    Nathan- Same as Caleb
    Ezra- Love this name! Very unique, but not too out there
    Jared- A little dated, but it's cute
    Jasper- Don't like this one
    Noah- Love! Very, very popular though
    Matteo- Cute, but I would never use it.
    Lucas- Cool name
    Leonado- I prefer just Leo
    Joaquin- Exotic
    Liam- Love this one. It's really popular like Noah
    Sawyer- I like this one
    Cato- Not a fan
    James- This makes a great middle name
    Julian- Adorable!
    Pierre- Very handsome
    Charlie- Cute for a child. Theycould go by Charles when he gets older
    Patrick- Great name! This name, too me, is like James. Never goes out of style and would be a great first or middle name.
    Jackson- I use to love this name, but now that it's so popular I don't love it anymore.
    Emmett- Don't like this one
    Everett- Adore this one!
    Bradley- I prefer just Brad
    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 24 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

    Ladies: Juliet Elaine, Madeleine Audrey, Emilia Noelle, Lydia Caris, Elodie Katherine, Carys Emily, Victoria Elise

    Gentlemen: Jonathan Rhys, Wesley Jay, Roman/Rowan Gabriel, Evan Parker, Elliott Jude, Dawson Cole, Jude/Judah Nathaniel, Rhys Nehemiah, Everett Jacob

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    Xavier – Always strikes me as low-class
    Caleb – Solid, masculine and great
    Nathan – Ditto ^
    Ezra – I like it
    Jared – A little dated
    Jasper – Kind of overdone to me
    Noah – Too popular, but for great reasons
    Matteo – Always strikes me as a pet name for a Matt
    Lucas – Strong and masculine
    Leonado – Misspell? I like the simpler Leo
    Joaquin – Looks good, doesn’t sound good
    Liam – See Noah
    Sawyer – I’m torn on this one. It sounds good, but I don’t find it masculine
    Cato – Trendy
    James – Short, simple and classic. Can’t go wrong
    Julian – I love that it offers the nickname Ian, but don’t find much special with this one
    CharlieCharles is much better
    PatrickLove! One of my favorites
    Jackson – Prefer to simple Jack. Jackson is trendy
    Emmett – Too many feminine sounds
    Everett – A bit better
    Bradley – Dated

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