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    Pronunciation of Cormac

    Hey all,

    I've fallen in love with the name Cormac for our soon-to-be baby but realize that there are varying opinions on its pronunciation from Cor-Mick to Car-Muck. Does anyone out there have the official word on the pronunciation of Cormac or is this one up to the person - which leads me to believe it would be a lifetime of mispronunciation of the little one's name.


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    Re: Pronunciation of Cormac

    I've only ever heard it as cor-MICK. I don't really like CAR-muck.

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    Re: Pronunciation of Cormac

    I've never heard either pronunciation.
    Cor-mick would be spelled Cormick in my mind.
    Cormac is pronounced the way it's spelled, Cor-mac. I knew a Cormac in middle school and that was how it's pronounced.
    I love Cormac pronounced that way! I think it's an awesome, unique choice. I especially like the nickname Mac.

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    Re: Pronunciation of Cormac

    I say it COR-mick. I don't think COR-mac would be the correct pronunciation. It seems very much like a midwestern mispronunciation (and I say that on good authority). I love Cormac and wish you a happy, healthy labor and delivery!

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    Re: Pronunciation of Cormac

    I've checked three seperate sources and I'm fairly certain it's Cor-mac. But it may be that both pronunciations are valid: the Mac means "Son," the same element in Mac and Mc-beginning last names. Often it depends on the name, individual, and accent which way that syllable is pronounced with last names. Take, for example, McMahon and McAvoy- they're Mick-man and Mac-a-voy, but both are spelled Mc. So I guess what I'm saying is pick whichever one you like.

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