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    Goku? Scratch our previous ideas for our triplets...

    Earlier we posted about giving our triplets biblical names, with family middle names. While you guys gave some great suggestions...
    We like Goku.
    My DH, and I used to joke about naming our son Goku...
    We think it would be a great name...our friends/families not so much. What do you guys think?
    What would be a good middle name?
    And some potential sibling names? (Since we have three little ones on the way...)

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    Like the character in Dagon Ball Z? (I love anime, so that's where my mind went...not a bad thing)
    How's the sibset looking now?

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    I am really shocked. I have just read wikipedia on Goku and I am at a loss at to why you would consider this name. You had brilliant ideas suggested to you re the biblical names and I thought that you would really love some of the combos. I feel that you were completely on the right track initially and I would encourage you to find something from the first thread you started.

    Psalm 23

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    From biblical to Goku is quite the jump! I'd be interested to know the thought process behind that one.

    The name is almost exclusively and forever tied to the anime. While the anime/manga is no longer in serialization, it is still very popular in the U.S. (not sure where you live...) People know Goku and they associate it with the character. It's kind of like naming your kid Bruce Wayne. Do you like Goku because of the character or is it the meaning/sound you like?

    I wouldn't do it. When some people ask about names tied to characters, some berries like to argue that by the time your kid is school aged the reference will lose it's relevance, but I just don't think that's the case here.

    Also, if it's a name for a triplet, I can't imagine what the other two babies would be called. It's not like you can pair Goku with just anything and expect it to make sense.

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    While yes, my dear husband and I do always joke about naming our son Goku, and think it is a cool name. We would not do it. I think? My dear husbands best friend...thinks it is a great idea....and decided to post on our behalf to try and convince us. But right now We are sticking to our biblical names....
    Maybe Goku can be a middle name? or a nickname? lol

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