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    @pemdas - The three that you weren't sure how to pronounce;

    Demelza: A Cornish name that is pronounced pretty much how it's spelt! Dem-el-za.
    Dilys: A Welsh name that's pronounced Dil-is. Rhymes with 'Phyllis'
    Torill: A Norwegian name that rhymes with 'Sorrel'. Actually I think the correct spelling is Toril, but the first person I met with the name spelled it with two l's, so it sort of stuck in my brain that way.

    Hope that helped.

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    In order, my five favorite are...

    1) Sylvia: Good meaning and smooth, lilting sound, a lovely name (it even sounds like "lovely")

    2) Phoebe: I've loved it since before Friends, and the character seems more like a plus than a minus to me; also, I don't think the connection to the show will be very strong in a few years. It's familiar but I don't ever see it being a Top 10 name, another plus.

    3) Hester: So beautiful and ancient, with a great meaning and those whispering, soft syllables

    4) Tabitha: I think the meaning is enchanting and it sounds pretty, it's easy to spell, and like Phoebe, is familiar enough to not be a huge surprise but uncommon enough to be unique.

    5) Antonia: I love its potential for nicknames and it's one of Sally's daughters in Practical Magic. Uncommon but familiar. Also, can you beat that meaning?

    and my five least favorites...

    1) Demelza: Demented. I can only think demented. Demented Esmeralda, the crazy gypsy lady.

    2) Megan: Not inherently bad but I see this as really boring and dated as a first name. I knew a million in school and most of them were mean. Though I do see it being used as an honorific name in the new couple of decades as all the Megans I grew up with become moms, aunts, grandmas, etc., and I think it would maybe look okay in a middle spot.

    3) Lorna: I'm not a huge fan of names without meanings. Also, I hate the "-rn" noise in names (Myrna was almost a least favorite, redeemed only because it is better than the world having yet another Megan). It sounds like grinding your teeth, and I can only think of negative words. Thorn, torn, fornicate, urn, horns, ornery... It grates my ears. If you have a different accent, it wouldn't be so bad but it is not pleasant to my Southern American ears. This name has no positives to me.

    4) Dilys: This is a huge turn-off. It doesn't sounds pleasant at all, especially not for a girl. Just... no.

    5) Ariana: I can't help it, I think it sounds trashy. So does Adriana, but for some reason that one doesn't bother me quite as much.
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    (Nicola was a close 6th.)

    Dislikes: - they don't sound nice to my ear when I say them
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