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    Thanks again everyone!

    So, taking the responses so far, I was able to give each name on my shortened list a score by detracting the number of times it appeared as a least favourite name from the number of times it appeared as a favourite name. Minus scores mean that more people disliked the name than liked it.

    Therefore, this is my list in order of name popularity;

    Hannah (12)
    Phoebe (11)
    Beatrice (8)
    Anastasia, Ophelia & Sylvia (6)
    Rachel / Rachael (5)
    Evelyn (4)
    Tabitha (3)
    Elara & Leah (2)
    Astrid (1)
    Myra (-5)
    Megan (-6)
    Lorna (-7)
    Hester (-15)

    Quite surprised Hannah is the highest, as I would have thougt it would have been deemed too popular for most Berries. Then again it's a beautiful, classic name, so I understand why!

    PS. I've also started a similar thread in the Boys Names section, and would be very grateful if any of you could give your opinions on my boys' list.
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