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    Nickname my baby!

    My daughter's name has a few very obvious nickname options, but none of them really "fit" her personality. Most of the time I simply call her by her full name; however, my husband comes from a family where everyone has a nickname. So, I'm in search of a nickname that doesn't make me cringe..

    Her name is M@deleina (mad-uh-lay-nuh) - obvious nicknames being Maddy, Laina, and Lainey. She is all girl in her bows and tutus, very sweet, and easy going. I think Maddy is too common and can be for too many different names, and Lainey is too sporty sounding. We've been using Laina and Laina Bug, but I'm not completely in love.

    Any ideas? I was thinking something like Layla.. but not sure if that really makes sense with her name?
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    Layla could totally work. I think Laney & Layna are both girly. May could work and it's less popular, but very sweet & vintage without being stuffy. Della could also work.

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    May, Mayla, Mina, Mads, Em (M)?
    Does she have a middle name? Sometimes I call my daughter Mo Ray; her name is Malia Regan.
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    Layla can work. How about Maina/Mayna (May-na) or Mayla?

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