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    My favorites from your list.

    Antonia - Beautiful name. I would love to seen used more.

    Astrid - It's spunky. A really awesome girl should pull it off easy.

    Pandora - I'm a sucker for this name with the nickname Panda.

    Ramona - AWesome name. I wish more people used this name. But because of immaturity people don't.

    Tabitha - Love this name. Would wear well for all ages. Tabby is such a cute nickname too.

    My not so Favorites.

    Tamsin - I just think the name Tammy is so overdone. I know way to many adults named Tammy.

    Torill - I kinda think of tortillas.

    Nicola - I always want to say this name like the Ricola commercials.

    Demelza- Seems like it's too much.

    Hester - Because of Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter.

    Good Luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    5 favourites:
    Anastasia - I like that it can be formal or the more informal Ana (or even Anya, which I love)
    Beatrice - This name has really grown on me lately, and is quickly becoming one of my favourites. I like that it is a classic type name, but doesn't seem to be very overused.
    Leah - It is simple but manages to be very beautiful
    Phoebe - This has long been one of my favourites. Its spunky but sweet
    Tabitha - One of my favourites because of Bewitched haha

    5 least favourites:
    Astrid - Not my personal style, but i wouldnt call it terrible or anything
    Dilys - Sounds incomplete, or lacking substance
    Hester - Brings to mind Hannibal Lester
    Megan - Not a bad name, I just have heard it so much that it seems a little dull
    Torill - Awkward feeling pronunciation (sorry I don't know if that makes any sense)

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    Least favorites:

    Astrid (I really hate that the first syllable sounds like a**, otherwise I like the name in theory and written down)

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    1. Viola- elegant and pretty and underused, imo.
    2. Rachel- I think about elegant and cute at the same time.
    3. Tabitha- prefer Talitha, but Tabitha is pretty too.
    4. Phoebe- love the numerous association (mythological, literature, etc)
    5. Leah- simple and beautiful.

    1. Torill- sounds weird.
    2. Dilys- not sure about this one, never heard before.
    3. Damaris
    4. Myrna
    5. Tamisn- actually sounds cute, but I can't really see the appeal.
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    Thanks everyone, this has been helpful.

    So far Viola makes the most appearances on people's favourite lists, with Anastasia, Astrid, Hannah, Penelope & Phoebe close runners up. Nobody seems to like poor old Demelza, Dilys, Evelyn, Megan, Myrna or Torill! Demelza, Dilys, Myrna & Torill I'm disgarding, but I like Megan (also a tribute to my grandmother, Margaret) & Evelyn enough to keep them, but perhap relegate them to middle name status.

    Please keep the responses flowing!

    PS. For those worried about the first syllable pronounciation of Astrid, that's not an issue where I live. We say arse instead of ass!

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