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    3 is neutral for me and 5 is the best
    Angus-1 too beefy
    Duncan-1 Dunkin Donuts is abundant where I live but if I lived somewhere else this would be a 4
    Struan-1 Strewn
    Tavish-1 Reminds me of lavish

    I would also recommend Hamish, Graham, Monroe, Torin and Lucan.
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    Thanks for all of the opinions! It's really helpful to hear other people's associations with names.

    A few comments:
    -- I'm not a huge fan of the name Struan, but my husband likes it so I've left it on the list for now
    -- I did think of Dunkin Donuts and Duncan Hines when I first heard Duncan, but now that I'm past that I think it's a handsome name. My concern is that other people might never get past those associations.
    -- I kind of like the name Rogan, but it does conjure images of bald heads, and also makes me think of Seth Rogen, so that one will probably be off the list soon.

    I would welcome any other comments!

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    @lavenderbelle: I love the name Graham, but unfortunately it's my sister's surname and thus unusable for me

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    I haven't read any responses yet to not sway my first impressions, so sorry for any repeats!

    Alasdair- kind of a lot of name for a little boy. I don't care for Al as a nn, not sure what a good nn would be for it, but it could work as a name.
    Angus- hard to pull off in the states. Even though I've come across the name so many times in name lists, I still can't shake the Angus beef connection.
    Callum- I like this name, don't mind Cal (not a favorite tho). Wonder if everyone would think his name is Collin though?
    Conall- I really like this one. Much fresher than Connor.
    Duncan- love Duncan! I have a friend named this (in his thirties) and so I think it can definitely work. The nn Dunk is kinda fun.
    Ferguson- quite last namey for me but I prefer it to plain Fergus. Gus is a cute nn.
    Glenn- might be a little dated but I think it could work well at many ages.
    Gordon- Gordy is a tough nn for me to get past.
    Grant- love Grant. Definitely.
    Harris- also love this one. Harry is a downside.
    Lachlan- this is on my list. Love it so much.
    Lewis- I like this one as well. F some reason knowing 'Lew' is the nn and not the spelling 'lou' makes a difference to me for the better, though it's silly as it's said the same! I don't like Louis (lou-ee) but lewis is nice.
    Malcolm- another really good name, could see it age well.
    Rogan- kind of unsure about this one. Like I can't figure out if it's a play on Logan or rogain. Rogue is a pretty adorable nn for a cheeky little boy.
    Ross- hard to see on a little boy but beyond that it could work.
    Seamus- I like Seamus and met several living in Ireland. I have to ignore the 'shame us' thought though!
    Struan- I've never heard this one. Intriguing! Would people think you're saying 'strong?'
    Tavish- I can't remember if this is pronounced Tay-vish or tav-ish, but honestly I really like both!
    Wallace- the ln of a friend of mine, so that's hard for me to ignore, but as a first name it could work too. Wally!

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    Alasdair - 5 - love it
    Angus - 4 - also love it, a little put off by the beef association
    Callum - 5 - love it
    Conall - 3 - not my favorite, but usable
    Duncan - 2 - just ok
    Ferguson - 2 - a little long for my taste and last-name-y, but Fergus is nice!
    Glenn - 1 - this is dated IMO, and not yet ready for his comeback.
    Gordon - 1 - same as Glenn.
    Grant - 3 - nice.
    Harris - 4 - like it
    Lachlan - 2 - not my favorite, a little tongue-trippy to me
    Lewis - 5 - love it
    Malcolm - 5 - love it
    Rogan - 3 - ok
    Ross - 2 - and Rachel?
    Seamus - 3 - cute, but easily mispronounced in US
    Struan - 2 - can't figure out pronunciation myself on this one
    Tavish - 2 - lavish?
    Wallace - 3 - ok

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