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    @ashthedreamer: I really like Grant and Ross too, but I do kind of agree that they'd probably flow better in middle name spots.

    @iamamiam and poeticxtac: Lachlan and Seamus are two of my favorites!

    @emsky: Thanks for your thoughts! I have the same issues with Alasdair, even though I love it.

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    Alasdair - 2 - Not sure about how wearable this really is.
    Angus - 2 - I want to like this but all I think of is meat.
    Callum - 4
    Conall - 2 - Don't like the sound of this. I think I like Conan better.
    Duncan - 5
    Ferguson - 3
    Glenn - 1 - It sounds so dull and blah to me.
    Gordon - 3
    Grant - 5
    Harris - 3 - I prefer Harrison, though. It just sounds more complete.
    Lachlan - 4
    Lewis - 5 - Love love love. Although I do prefer Louis.
    Malcolm - 5
    Rogan - 1 - Looks made up. Like its a cross between Ronan and Logan.
    Ross - 2
    Seamus - 4
    Struan - 1 - Makes me think of the word "strewn"
    Tavish - 3 - I like this a lot in theory but I'm not sure that its really that wearable in the US.
    Wallace - 4

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    Alasdair 2- Agree it's not that wearable in the US
    Angus 2 - The meat association doesn't bother me, but I'm just not a big fan of the name
    Callum 4 - like this a lot
    Conall 4 - ditto
    Duncan 2 - Theoretically I like it but in a heavy Dunkin Donuts area it makes me kind of anti Duncan
    Ferguson - 2 - Too Clarissa Explains it All negatively associated, but that's probably just me
    Glenn - 3
    Gordon - 4
    Grant - 3
    Harris - 3 (I like it but like Harrison better)
    Lachlan - 3
    Lewis - 3
    Malcolm - 4
    Rogan - 2 NMS, Makes me think of Seth Rogan and Rogaine
    Ross - 3
    Seamus -3
    Struan - 1 I think I just don't like this because its unfamiliar to me I feel like it would just be confusing to people
    Tavish - 2 Same as above
    Wallace - 3

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    My faves are bolded.

    Alasdair - 5 - gorgeous!
    Angus - 2 - too much beef
    Callum - 3 - ok but becoming overused
    Conall - 3 - ok but nothing exciting
    Duncan - 5- love it!
    Ferguson - 2 - too surnamey. Sarah Ferguson.
    Glenn - 3 - ok but "dated"
    Gordon - 3 - ok but kind of "dated". Unfortunately strongly connected to the obnoxious chef Gordon Ramsay,
    Grant - 4 - a family name. Strong and masculine.
    Harris 3 - I prefer Harrison
    Lachlan - 4
    Lewis - 2 - I prefer the French spelling Louis (loo-ee). This is too surnamey.
    Malcolm - 2 - Malcolm in the Middle?
    Rogan - 2 - makes me think of the hair regrowth medication, Rogaine
    Ross - 3 - a family name for me. I think it's better in the middle spot.
    Seamus - 3- this is Irish.
    Struan - 4 - Unusual but usable
    Tavish - 2 - It just looks like McTavish sliced off!
    Wallace - 2 - I know about William Wallace but this name makes me think about Wallis Simpson.
    All the best,

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    Alasdair - I like it, but I like it how I like Rupert and Clive. Not sure how usable they are in the US. Plus, it's pretty long to use without a nickname and the only nickname I know used in the UK is "Ali" which is a commonly-used feminine nickname in the US.
    Angus - I like this name. It doesn't make ME think of the beef immediately, but as you can see based on the previous comments, that's what Americans are going to think of.
    Callum - This name is growing on me. I think it could totally catch on here, but not in the annoying way all the names ending in "den" (Aiden, Caden, Braden, etc.) has.
    Conall - Eh. Too awkward and surnamey (Connell) for me to see it working as a first name.
    Duncan - This name is tough for me. I'm starting to like it a lot too. Unfortunately, Duncan Hines AND Dunkin Donuts makes me think it can't work here in the States. :/
    Ferguson - Not at all attractive to me. Plus, it's a long name where at some point, someone's going to give him a nickname - Ferg? Fergus? Fergie? Bleh! It also makes me think of the obnoxious, really strange brother from the show "Clarissa Explains It All."
    Glenn - Yawn.
    Gordon - It's okay. Kind of forgettable but not as bad as Glenn.
    Grant - LOVE this. Masculine without trying too hard. Only one syllable but yet not boring.
    Harris - Prefer Harrison or Harry. For some reason, Harris rubs me the wrong way.
    Lachlan - Another name I really like! Different yet not bizarre. Lach/"Lock" is a cool nickname.
    Lewis - I much prefer Louis pronounced LOO-ee.
    Malcolm - Kind of cool. Not for me, but could definitely work.
    Rogan - Awkward-sounding to me. I can see how others think of Rogaine.
    Ross - I like this name a lot, actually. Definitely surprised it's not more popular than it is. It's a great name where it's easy to spell, familiar to everyone yet not popular.
    Seamus - I grew up with a kid named Seamus. The kid wore it well, but I don't think it's for everyone. He was lucky in the fact that he was popular and a swim star. I could see if he weren't that it wouldn't be a name that would serve him well... Plus, I think the average American will not be that familiar with this name and think it's SEE-muss.
    Struan - STREW-an? Is that how you pronounce it? Err. Not a fan.
    Tavish - Too dainty.
    Wallace - I could see it falling into that "nerdy chic" category (i.e. Wyatt, Theodore, Simon, Harry, Henry, etc.). I like the idea of Wally as a nickname.
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