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    My favorite is Sloane Amelia. You seem to like it the best, it's not an honor name (which would be weird since the other kids don't have honor names), and it flows well. Also, the initials spell SAM, which could be a nickname.
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    Sloane Kathleen/Kathryn - I'm not crazy about Kathleen or Kathryn in the middle. Even though it's to honor your mom, I hear Katherine (or some variation thereof) so often in the middle spot that it just doesn't appeal to me at all.

    Sloane Regina - I really like this. Regina sort of has an evil queen feel to me though... maybe I'm being exposed to too much Once Upon a Time on Tumblr?

    Sloane Cecilia - Very mismatched. Sloane is androgynous and very no nonsense, whereas Cecilia is a frilly, feminine, vintage pick.

    Sloane Amelia - My favorite. I see Amelia as the halfway point between Sloane and Cecilia. Amelia is feminine but not frilly and modern but still timeless. It's a very nice combination and balances the androgyny of Sloane quite well.

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    I like Cecilia the best as a name, but it doesn't flow well. I'd pick Sloane Amelia.

    I have never understood why people feel the need to get so up in arms over the gender of names. It's the only thing I dislike about this site.
    moving to new account with username I like more... since we can't just change them

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    Thanks for feedback! I think Sloane Amelia and Sloane Regina are my favorites. Regina would be cute because I've always loved my mother's middle name, but the "m" sound in Amelia draws me slightly more in that direction.. I like how it flows with my "m" last name.
    I didn't even realize the initials would be SAM. That means nothing to me unless there's anything bad about SAM I'm not thinking of??

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    Nah, nothing bad about SAM at all, it just might turn into another nickname for better or worse (or neither)....if she ever has monograms with the First-Last-Middle format it'll say SMA anyway, but if she has them with S-A-M order, it's going to look like the bag says "SAM" - again, not a problem by my ook, might even be cute.

    My initials spell a could-be-/could-not-be-neutral word (JAB) and I've never minded. Some people care so we all wanted to be thorough and make sure you realized in case you care. Sloane Amelia is very nice!

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