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    I'm not a parent, but when my parents introduce us they say our names in birth order. And I guess it helps that our names flow well in that order too. When I introduce my brothers, I usually introduce my older brother first and then my younger brother. I agree that the exception would be if the child is right next to you, "This is Ingrid and Greta is over by the door," kind of thing. But I guess it doesn't really matter. If your children weren't with you, I would assume that Ingrid was older, but if that doesn't bother you than I guess saying it "Ingrid and Greta" wouldn't matter.
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    I think people generally say them in order of age, but it doesn't really matter. Sometimes it just feels more natural to say it some other way and that's fine. My parents tend to refer to my brother and I as James and Kathryn, not Kathryn and James even though I'm older (by a minute - we're twins). We also have an older half-sister, but since she usually wasn't with us when these intros were taking place (she's 10 years older, so we didn't exactly grow up together) she was usually mentioned last.

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    No. I say sibling names in whatever order they sound the best. I can use my cousins as an example. My family always says Leah, Jakob, and Kaleb even though Kaleb is older than Jakob. Leah, Kaleb, and Jakob just doesn't sound right to me or anyone else.

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    I tend to list them in age order but I have noticed that more and more often I will name my older boys first and then my daughters even though my oldest daughter is between the two older boys. So instead of Paul, Clare, Mark, Katharine, and James; it becomes Paul, Mark, Clare, Katharine, and James. I think it's because in our home life I'm use to pairing Paul and Mark together. As in Paul and Mark stop wrestling =)
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    Yes I do.

    My mom always does it when she introduces us kids in order.

    I first noticed it at a wedding, a good four years ago now. My mom was talking to someone, and that person asked about children, and even though Elizabeth and I were sitting right next to mom (and this the more logical thing was to mention us first), she pointed out our two brothers in the room first. "That's John, he's my oldest, next to him is Peter..." and then she turned to us and said to the lady, "and these are my twin daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret!"

    And that's always how she'll do it. She'll always list us in age order!
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