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    When you say sibling names, do you always list them in order of age?

    When you say sibling names, do you always list them in order of age?

    I feel like the norm is to list children in a family in order from oldest to youngest. If you do too, do you think it always has to be like that? Or does it depend on the name?

    We call our daughter Greta and I'm finding that it's kinda hard to say "Greta and ______" -- especially since so many possible sibling names start with vowels. It just kinda trips up my tongue and it sounds like I'm saying "da-dand-uh" or something in the middle.

    Is it weird to switch the order in which I say their names? Like "these are my kids, Ingrid and Greta" -- even if Greta is the older sibling?

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    Usually yes I would list siblings in age order. The exceptions mostly pertain to the physical presence of the kids.

    For example if you are introducing the children and Ingrid is next to you or you are holding her. I might say "This is Ingrid and over there is Greta."


    well this is Ingrid, her older sister Greta is playing soccer and not here.

    If someone said to me I have two kids, Ingrid and Greta; I would generally infer that Greta is younger unless specifically told otherwise or I knew the family really well.
    Great names! I like Ingrid particularly.

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    I say the names in birth order, unless listing them differently flows better. In your case, I'd say Ingrid and Greta, because it's much easier, and sounds nicer. I'm sure Greta won't mind, none of the siblings I have rearranged for listing have ever cared.

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    I would say them in birth order. But I think you could get creative with saying it "I have two kids Greta is six and Ingrid is four" or whatever. Also if you had a third then you could say "I have three children Greta, Ingrid and ____" so the and wouldn't follow Greta's name. I think Greta and Ingrid make a great sibset.
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    Generally yes I would say them in age order, but in cases where flow is definitely off that way I do switch it up. Cousins of mine were always listed 2nd, 3rd, 1st so I don't think it's that uncommon.

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