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    Hazel Corinna is gorgeous!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Hazel Corinna. Although, tbh, I never would have said Corinna the way you want. To me, it's core-RIN-ah. cah-ree-nah/coh-ree-nah would be Carina/Karina/Corrina/Corina. Willa Corinna would be my second pick.
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    There is no clear winner.

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    Wow, great names! I have to vote for Willa Hazel because I love both of those names so much.
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    Willa Hazel for a few reasons.

    1) Willa is my favourite by far out of Willa and Hazel (though both are nice, Willa is prettier to me)
    2) Willa Hazel flows so much better than the repeating "ah" endings of Willa and Corinna
    3) The combo Willa Hazel uses what I am assuming are your 2 favourite names, since they are the 2 you are considering for first names

    Good luck
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