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    Names to honor Martha

    My husband brought up the name Seraphina last night as a tribute to Sarah, his mom. I think it's pretty but my mother's name is Martha and I'm sure she'd be incredibly hurt to be left out -- this is probably our last kiddo! Both are biblical but I find Martha much more dating. Ideas for a youthful middle for Seraphina that transcends Marta/Marty/Martine?

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    You could do Maxine or Martina.

    Also I know someone who's just had a kid and called her Martha with a twin Naomi. Martha as a middle name would be too bad if your worried about it being dated.

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    I was thinking of the name Mary, maybe Maria or Mariah/Moriah and Marena/ina. Martina too.

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    What's your mothers middle name? Or perhaps her maiden name would function as a middle name for your little girl.

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    In the New Testament, Mary of Bethany is sister of Martha (this probably means the Biblical Martha was from Bethany too). So if you're OK with that religious heritage, Bethany would have a tie to Martha. Seraphina Bethany is pretty.

    If you're not tied to Seraphina, I think Sarah-Martha or Martha-Sarah is a pretty double-barreled middle.

    The only useable Martha variants I can think of (maybe) are Martila and Martella, they don't combine well with Seraphina I don't think though. They would with Sarai, for another Sarah variant.

    I happen to really like the name Martha : D.

    Martha is Aramaic in origin, which few other names common in English are. It would be pretty indirect, but you could go that route. Some options would include:

    Anina (not good with Seraphina though, and NB's entry is confusing whether it's Aramaic or Italian).
    Idra ("fig tree")
    Marit (has the letters, and NB has it as Aramaic for "pearl", a la its ties to Margaret, but I'm almost positive that's inaccurate)
    Merona (NB is disparaging because it's a kind of wool)
    Nahara ("light")
    Raziela ("The Lord's Secret")
    Tabitha ("Gazelle")
    Xiamara ("joyful deer")

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