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    I am changing my name, please help

    My real name is BreAnna middle name Michele, and I haven't ever liked it. When I was a kid i went threw a lot of nicknames, and thought a lot about renaming myself since I was 5. BreAnna is a unique spelling, but I dont like how common it is, and Michele is a little to girly for my taste. I love the names:
    I like the middle names Rene, Emerson, and Rose, so put together:
    Beatrice Rene Emerson,
    Prudence Atlas Rose,
    Penelope Rene
    I like Beatrice, but some tell me it is a little old fashioned(which could be a problem) and Penelope might be a little young sounding, but I haven't run into any problems with the name Prudence, and I'm open to suggestions.
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    Prudence is old fashioned. Beatrice Rose sounds better.

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    I do like Beatrice, Emerson and Rose. I find Penelope, Rene and Atlas quite nice as well. I'm really sorry but I dislike Prudence, but thats just my opinion.

    If I were you I would call myself (out of the names you have chosen) either:
    Beatrice Emerson Rose
    Emerson Penelope
    Penelope Atlas Rose
    Rose Beatrice

    Good luck xo

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    I personally don't think you should change your name.

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