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    I agree with pp and also think as long as there is a full name that doesn't rhyme to give another option, there's no concern here. Rosie Sawley isn't bad but isn't my preference, but Rosa Sawley called Rosie all the time? Totally fine.

    I might advise you to let Calliope and Penelope go...with the 4-2 rhythm it's less sing-songy than 2-2, but Penelope's getting so hugely popular and Calliope is just out there, and you have so many other options.

    Looking through your lists I don't see why you couldn't have Annabel called Annie, Louisa called Lucy maybe (especially with a C middle name? Louisa Calliope Sawley? Lu-C= Lucy?), or a June called Junie.

    Can you find any love for Margaret? means Pearl, a name you like, and Maisie is a traditional nn for it.

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    Our surname also ends with the "ee" sound; it is 3 syllables and difficult to pronounce, as well. (We thought about us both changing our surname to his mother's maiden name and probably would have if he didn't already have children from a previous marriage)

    So anyway, I feel your pain. I avoid all name possibilities that end with the "ee" sound, which is not so easy to do especially on a girl! But I guess it also helps narrow down choices. My favorite flow tends to be a fn that ends with a consonant and a mn that ends with a.

    Good luck! You'll figure something out.

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