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    Help for a surname that ends in -ey

    Hello Berries,

    I'm looking for thoughts/feelings about a conundrum that I'm sure at least some of you also share, and others certainly will have an opinion on.

    My partner and I are not planning to have a child for at least a few more years, but when we do, we're certain that we will choose his name as the baby's surname. (I don't feel at all attached to mine for various family reasons and don't want to pass it on.) His surname is OK, but slightly problematic. It's almost a word name, two syllables, and it ends in -ey.

    Problem: I love so many female (and some male) names that also end in that same -ey sound. My top favorite names are Rosie (hence I chose it for my username), Maisie, Lettie, Annie, Winnie. I just love old fashioned, ends-in-ie names for girls.

    My non-ie ending favorites are Clementine, Aurora, and Paloma, among others, but my absolute favorite long name is Penelope. I also like Calliope.

    My partner likes some of these more than others, but is on board for all of them.

    What is the general consensus on these ends in -ey first names with a two syllable, ends in -ey surname? The surname starts with an S and sounds kind of like Sawley.

    Basically, I am psychologically preparing myself to axe these names before we are actually pregnant if they really aren't workable. I go back and forth on whether they are OK or not but ultimately can't decide.

    Final note: for most of the -ie names, we'd put something more formal on the birth certificate (Rosetta or Rosalind or possibly Aurora for Rosie, Scarlett or Letitia for Lettie, Annabel for Annie...)

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    Just to add, a full list of the ends in -ie/-ey/y names that I love enough to use either as a full name or a fulltime nickname:

    Annie (like these last three a little less, they are easier to give up)

    I also love Polly, Posey and Lolly but have managed to sacrifice them mentally from the list as just too ridiculous in combination.

    Long names that end in an -ee sound that we love:

    Other names we like/love that don't have the ending problem:
    June (partner's fave)

    The boys name we like most is Lionel which is not a problem and seems to go with almost everything.

    Anyone have any insights? Thank you!!!

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    I think if most of the names you love end in the same sound you should just embrace it! Sometimes slightly rhymey, sing-songy names sound good as long as you strike the right balance, just like alliterative names.

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    The longer names that end in the -ee sound won't be as rhymey as the shorter names, but if you're planning to use a short nn (Penelope/Penny), might as well embrace it. I don't get the attraction--I've always preferred more serious (no 'ie or 'y names), but my younger sister likes 'cute' (Katie, Libby, Annie). I wonder if it's a birth order thing (I was expected to excel, she entertained to get attention)

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    I think it will depend on the name/nickname. I'd avoid anything ending in a -lee sound, but others might work out pretty well, especially if they're nn's for something longer/less rhymey. Annie Sawley isn't bad at all, but Ellie Sawley would be a bit much, kwim? If the nn you pick doesn't involve any of the dominant consonants in the surname, it should sound distinct enough to be ok.

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