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    Honoring or not?

    If everything goes according to plan, me and my boyfriend will start having kids in about three years. But as a name nerd it's never to early to start discussing names ;-)

    One of the dilemmas we have so far is if we want to honor family members with our childrens middle names or not. The family is very important to both of us, and we will probably have a truckload of kids so we will have the opportunity to honor our parents, grandparents, great grandparents etc. But, is it really honoring if you never met the person? What if we run out of honoring names?

    What's your take on honoring names? Did you do it with your kids (or will you)? Does the number of kids matter?
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    Eh. Personally, I wouldn't use honoring names unless I was either really, really close to the namesake or happened to actually like the name. I refuse to stick my kids with Edna and Gerald in the middle.
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    My paternal family is very close, so I would love to honor them! My dilemma is that I'm not at all close to my maternal family, but I get the sense that it would hurt my mother's feelings if I honored my father's family and didn't honor hers as well
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    I would only honor if I really liked the name. We thought of honoring my partners maternal grandmother, but neither of us liked the name so decided not to do it. If we have a daughter we will be honoring his brother, but only because we like the version of th ename =)

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    I think honoring loved ones is a good idea. If I have a daughter, I plan to name her Johanna, which is a mixed of my grandmothers middle name, Joan and Joanne. Also, I want to honor non-family members as they have had a great influence in my life. I think you should know the person you are honoring unless it's a name that has past through the generations. Also, you should honor the more important people in your life first.

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