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    I was unaware of the 'replace word' function! That's so helpful- thank you so much! It will be a lifesaver, I'm sure! Thank you so much for all of your help, everyone! I really appreciate it. Short, punchy names are what I'm leaning towards, or names with a defined, hard syllable, like Natalie- the T stands out. I really like names that aren't particularly masculine are feminine, but are still short. That's why I selected Jaz- it's short and sweet, not exactly boy or girl. This is why I couldn't use something like Jen or Matt- they're preconceived as gender-specific. If I were to use a girl's name, I wouldn't want it to be particularly girly. I like the name Johanna- it doesn't suit the character, but as an example, it's delightfully to the point without too many frills. Just as an example, and I so appreciate your insight, I don't think I could use Lydia on this character because it's so beautiful. I have to say though, as the only exception so far to the non-genderbinding rule, the name Una is starting to grow on me. I don't know if I'll ever actually use it, but I like it, and it has the short, punchy feel I'm looking for.
    Thanks again! I really appreciate all your help!

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