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    Renaming a character help!

    I've been writing a book/novella, and there are seven main characters (it's a lot, I know): Jaz, Ezra, Mina, Basil, Harvey, Perry, and Pascal. My main character is Jaz, who's a girl. But recently, I've been feeling less and less confident about the choice of the name 'Jaz'. She just doesn't really feel like a Jaz, and with that name, I can't get a clear picture of her in my mind. This is pretty late in the game to make a big change like this- I'm 32 Microsoft Word pages into the book, and I only want to make all the change once.
    Right now, she's tough and responsible, pretty uptight. She's responsible for taking care of the other kids, and since Perry and Pascal are the youngest, at age 10, they're like a little sister and brother to her. She's the leader. She takes care of everyone, and generally puts them first. When she does let her guard down and relaxes and lets herself have fun, she can be pretty easygoing and in for a laugh. She's kind and smart, but because she's responsible for everyone, she can be a bit of a worrier.
    I think physical attributes play a huge part in the feel and naming of a character, and right now I'm bouncing between two different physiques which both work for the character:
    1) slight, small, very curly dirty blonde and brown hair, tan, with brown eyes
    2) average size, red hair, pale, sage green-grey eyes
    I'm considering the names Emily and Natalie right now, but they're not clicking as well as I'd like. They're a little too "heard of", for lack of a better term, for the character. I adore the names, but they don't seem to fit in with names like Pascal and Ezra and Basil.
    My issue with the name Jaz, while, awesome, is that it doesn't offer much depth and the only full name I can find for Jaz on a girl is Jasmine, which isn't a favorite of mine.
    I'm looking for something that isn't frilly, that isn't too "sweet" sounding, and isn't too childish or too business-woman. For example, I can't really envision her as a Nancy or an Ellie.

    Usually, I'm much more organized than this, and I realize that this isn't really much to go on, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you so much!

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