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Thread: WDYT of Mason?

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    WDYT of Mason?

    OK, so I have posted at least three threads for the names in the story I'm writing. I have all of the character's names, but lately I have been getting doubt about the Love Interest/ Second Main Character's name. As in my signature, his name is Mason Liam Sumner. This is a description of him-

    Mason is seventeen years old with curly-ish brown hair and really pretty honey brown eyes. He is kind of hot, too . Mason is pretty tall, and he is outgoing, also. He is really funny and falls in love with Rose, the Main Character, right when he sees her. <3 <3 <3

    I am starting to have doubts about his name-- is Mason too common? Will people not like his name, and therefore not like my book? Does Mason not fit his personality? Please help me! If you like Mason, say why. If you don't, give a few more suggestions as to what his new name should be. Please comment and post your thoughts!
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    I think Mason is a great choice! You're character sounds like he needs to be relate-able to the reader, but also have is own special qualities that separate him from the other guys in the book. I think Mason fits that perfectly. Its not a name that's super popular like Jim, Tom, Alex, Chris, Jake, etc. but its common enough not to seem out of place. Familiar, but it has depth. Don't doubt it!

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    Mason sort of suits your character; because it has soft sounds like brown. But if you just didn't want to use Mason, you could try Jay or Bruno.

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