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    Phoebe Alysabeth

    Phoebe Alysabeth is here! She arrived at 8:36 am this morning; she came a week earlier than her EDD! We are so happy! Phoebe joins big sister Abigail Eden. It was just yesterday that I came to ask about the name Alysabeth, and just a day later, Phoebe came! We were hesitant about using Alysabeth as a first name, as it could lead to spelling mistakes and become annoying to have to correct people. We named her Phoebe because it ultimately flowed better, and Phoebe is a super special name to us also. Phoebe Buffay, was my favorite character on my all-time favorite TV show Friends, and I grew up in Phoenix, AZ. Alysabeth is a combination of DH's and my mother's name. My MIL's name is Alysia, and my mother's name is Elisabeth; hence, Alysabeth. We were actually going to use Robynne for the middle- a mix of DH's name Robby, and my middle name Anne, but Robynne just didn't sound nearly as special!

    Thank you, for helping us choose a name. We are so in love, and can't wait for the journey ahead of us.
    Proud mother to 3 year old Abigail Eden,
    and preparing to welcome another daughter,
    Phoebe Alysabeth
    ; EDD: 7-27-13

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