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    Help with first baby name!

    Could you rate these names 1-5? Last name sounds like "Noise". All middle names are family names. Other suggestions welcome.

    Girls - My great grandma is named Beatrice, so I would really like to use it in the mn spot

    Charlotte Beatrice
    Charlotte Cora
    Charlotte Sophie
    Cora Beatrice
    Lyra Beatrice
    Lilah Seraphine
    Lilah Caroline
    Poppy Caroline
    India Catherine
    Cecile "Cece" Marie
    Hannah Jane
    Hannah Caroline

    Boys- Dad's name is Brian, so I'd love to use that too.

    Everett Calvin
    Malcolm David
    Charles David
    Eli Shepherd
    Henry Brian
    Gabriel Brian
    Theodore "Theo" Lee
    Leo Ignatius

    I also love Lulu/Lou for a girl, but Eloise is my favorite and it sounds bad with "Noise". Any other suggestions?

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    5: Charlotte Beatrice, Lilah Seraphine, Lilah Caroline, Malcolm David, Charles David
    4: Everett Calvin, Eli Shepherd, Gabriel Brian, Theodore Lee, Leo Ignatius
    3: Charlotte Cora, Charlotte Sophie, Lyra Beatrice, Poppy Caroline
    2: Cora Beatrice, India Catherine, Cecile Marie, Henry Brian
    1: Hannah Jane, Hannah Caroline

    You have some very nice combos here. My favorite pair is Charlotte Beatrice and Gabriel Brian (they both have a family connection). I’d prefer something longer for Eli and Leo (maybe Elias and Leopold), but they are okay just like that if you really insist. Lulu could be a nickname for Lucy, or if you’d rather stick to your list, even Lilah or Lyra. I personally like Lulu as a nickname for Alice, too (a bit of a stretch, but I like it). Theodore is nice but Lee is a little too plain for a middle name.

    Other names you might consider are Daphne, Delilah (which sounds more complete to me than Lilah), Lydia, Eleonora, and Gideon. I like Zuzanna and Vivienne as middles for Charlotte. For Theodore, I like August, Edward, and Bartholomew as middles.

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    Soo glad someone approved Charlotte Beatrice because it is my latest obsession I agree with Lilah, but I can't get over the "Delilah from the Bible" comments I hear. Any other names Lila/Lilah could be a nn for? I adore the names you mentioned, especially; Lydia, Gideon and Zuzanna, but ironically those are the names of three of my best friends kids! Now that you ranked Hannah so low, I'm putting it off the list. I think its a little plain/outdated for me, but there's a darn character on my favorite show named Hannah Jane and it made me cling to it You made me realize I have better options!

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    Also...good middle names for Cora? That first name is my second runner up, but I need more ideas for middle name combos. Cora Rosalie and Cora Francesca?
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    Charlotte Beatrice - 5 - Charming and vintage
    Charlotte Cora - 3 - I don't like this two names together.
    Charlotte Sophie - two classic names
    Cora Beatrice - Cora Noise? Not ideal.
    Lyra Beatrice - Not a fan of Lyra
    Lilah Seraphine - Lila Seraphine would look better. Lilah just looks like Delilah chopped off. Lila is more authentic. What about Lila Beatrice?
    Lilah Caroline - Lila Caroline looks better.
    Poppy Caroline - Poppy Noise sounds like a description of a sound.
    India Catherine - India Noise is too descriptive as well. A noise in India?
    Cecile "Cece" Marie - I hear Cecilia all the time but not this French version. I like it!
    Hannah Jane - I love both names but they lack something together.
    Hannah Caroline - I love both names but Hannah Noise isn't ideal.


    Everett Calvin - Everett flows well with Noise but the back-to-back n's in Calvin and Noise aren't ideal. If you don't mind that and want to use Brian, why not choose Everett Brian?
    Malcolm David - Malcolm is fine with Noise but it's not a fave of mine.
    Charles David - Charles Noise? Too short and too lispy?
    Eli Shepherd - I think this is a wonderful combo. Eli IS a FULL name so it doesn't need to be longer.
    Henry Brian - Henry is a classic and goes well with Noise.
    Gabriel Brian - I think Gabriel flows well with your surname.
    Theodore "Theo" Lee - I love Theodore but Theo Noise is heavy on the "o".
    Leo Ignatius - I love these two saint names but I'm not loving Leo Noise? Too much "o" maybe?
    All the best,

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