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    Needing a bit of help from fresh minds! Elias......?

    My boyfriend and I are expecting our first little one early December. The problem is we have VERY different ideas about naming our child. He is pretty religious, comes from a very religious family and wants a first name with a biblical meaning/reference/etc. I'm a big science nerd with a huge space and nature obsession. We both want our little peanuts name to have some meaning, but it's so hard for each of us to give in.

    We finally both like the name Elias. I love the sound of it and he loves the meaning. Yeah! But I'd like to find a cute middle name that hopefully has a sort of nature/space/science reference. I'm exhausted from all the name searching and everything is starting to blur together. So I'm hoping a few of you might have some ideas for me? Most of the things I really like are just to feminine for a boys name.

    Thanks in advance. You all have some great ideas!

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