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    I've loved the name Owen since fifth grade. I will never not like it. I can't see myself naming my son Owen, but I will forever love it. For girls, my first story character was named Adriana. Even though I don't love it anymore, I can't let it go. It will forever be in my heart, but I will most likely not ever use it. Tessa, Helena, & Thalia have been consistently at the top of my list for a long time. My boys list has never been consistent because I don't like boys names as much.
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    Right now I am changing my mind every day (and since I am not pregnant- no big deal) Right I love
    Carleton ~I may not use it as it only works with certain last names. Still I really like it!
    Stephan (pronounced Stefan) love this one.
    Winslow top middle name choice and family name. will use if I have a son.

    A lot of my top girls are getting popular and making me rethink them. (such as my favorite Adelaide)
    Genevieve I would use this to honor a Jennifer.
    Rosalie Probably won't use since my cousin has a Rosemary. (But I might change my mind)
    Sage ( probably won't use for reason above)
    Renate/Renata A name I probably would use. I think it should be more popular with nickname Ren.

    Good Luck!

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    This might sound corny but my two favorite names since forever have been my parents names...Michael and Julia. I think they both sound very classy.

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    Connor and Ciara have been my favorite girl and boy names for about 10 years.

    I have also consistently loved Morgan, Logan, Ethan, Miles, and Jesse for boys, as well as Eva, Leah, Molly, and Jessie for girls.

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    The names I've loved over the years I've gotten the pleasure of using on my kids, Silas (a family name), Charles (another family name), Kirabelle or Belle (beauty and the beast... Yea I went there), and Elodie (just fell in love). There are however other names I do like:
    Analeigh - love the song, 'the weight' by the Band
    Liberty - unusual, yet feminine
    Dixie - my girl guilty pleasure name

    Beau - considered this name seriously with #4 till I realized how matchy matchy Belle (baby #3) and Beau sounded together
    Barnaby - considered this name seriously with #4
    Jaxon - wouldn't ever use it bc it's such a trendy name, but it is my guilty pleasure
    Lucas - love the s ending names for boys!
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