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    What's your favorite name?

    Do you have a name that you have liked consistently for a long time? Please share you favorite name(s). I am looking to add to my list and would love to hear what's at the top of other people's lists

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    It's really hard to say, but the names that have consistently been near the top of a list, from the beginning of my name-nerdery are:


    Ambrose (though I don't find it usable)
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
    Little Sparkler coming next July.

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    Nora has been my favourite name for probably 10 years. I will probably never use it, and I know a few young Nora's now- but it still will never lose it's magic in my eyes.
    As for boys, I have always loved names from my family; Charles, William, Archibald.
    I think for me to love a name for a very long time it has to be traditional and timeless, where as my actual naming style is slightly more 'out there'.
    Top of my list now for girl and boy are Olive and Hugo, and they have probably been there for about 3 years now- not sure if that counts as a long time..
    Strong female name enthusiast

    Harriet Jean. Olive Theodora. Delphi Josephine. Saskia Margaret. Winifred Alice. Maxine Frances

    Tobias Hugo. David Augustus. Peter Archibald. Charles Finnian. Rupert Ezra

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    Since I started getting into names about 4 years ago... Iris, Nicolas {previously Nicholas}, Juliette/Juliet, & Anneliese. The rest are newer but these have been on my list the longest. Anneliese isn't a top favorite of mine anymore but I still really like it. Seraphina is a name I started to really like maybe a year? after I really started to get into names. It's changed to Seraphine but it's still name I love and adore. It's a name I used for my a lot of my usernames and such in the past on name websites.

    My absolute favorite name ever though has to be Iris.
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