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    Kate but not Catherine

    Hi all,
    While mulling over names for dd#2, I've realized I really like the name Kate. I don't like the name Catherine though. It's not that Catherine isn't a pretty name, but I have bad associations with that name. Is it acceptable to name a baby Kate but not give her a formal version? Thanks!

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    I'd personally probably investigate assorted international variants: Caitlin, Katia, Kathleen, Katerina, Katja, Catalina, Katrina... etc. there's a thousand. But that's because I think some of the full names have more flexibility and I'm not really a nickname-as-full-name person.

    I do like Kate. My only concern with it, by itself, is that while Catherine/Katharine is always around, the nicknames go in and out. I've known full-name-Kates, and full-name-Cathy. Cathy/Kathy was the fashionable nickname when it was given to the one I've met, but it seems kinda mom-name-ish now, doesn't it? Kate/Katy/Katie is in right now but I wonder if a Kate would, in twenty or so years, regret not being able to go by some other form.

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    Yeah it's fine! I also like just Kate and I usually dislike nickname names. I think Kate's long history of use as a single name makes it strong enough to stand on its own, just like Jack or Molly. It's short and powerful and works wonderfully on a girl of any age. Lovely choice

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    Just want to add Kateri.

    I do love Catherine, but Kate is fine on its own though.
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    I think Kate is fine on it's own, and still has the option of Katie, especially as a child. Catherine is lovely, but there are plenty of people just named Kate.
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