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    Thoughts on Chord?

    Been watching a lot of Glee and I like Chord Overstreet.
    Is this name too out there?
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    It appears feminized from Cord.

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    I like Chord. I have taken piano off and on since I was five, and I still love it. I love the idea of incorporating music into someone's name, and I find Chord really wearable, actually (with the exception of possibly being too tied to Chord Overstreet!). There's a little boy in my church named Cordell--I think you could probably get away with Cordell (or another Cord- name) with the nn Chord. I think Cordelia nn Chord might be pretty amazing, too, although I'm guessing you prefer Chord on a boy...
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    I like Chord as a nn for a different name, but not by itself. My main reason isn't bc of the sound of 'Chord', but instead because it's so closely tied to one kind of person. A Chord should be musically talented... after all, his name is Chord. So then what if he is tone-deaf? Then it's an awkward and ironic name.
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    Sorry, but I think it's awful. I get the feeling most people would imagine it spelled as Cord when they heard it. It works about as well as a name as would Note, Rest, Beat, or Bar.... not very nice sounding at all.

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