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    Shaylyn Ammerman Memorial High School** Freshman Class**

    I am going to post a series of threads of imaginary high schools named after extraordinary people in my life who are no longer with us. Each school will be a small, rural high school, reminiscent of my high school. High school number one will be *Shaylyn Ammerman Memorial High School.* Shaylyn was a sweet, vibrant 14 month old baby girl taken too soon from our community. We love and miss you, Shaylyn. ♡♡♡

    9th grade class:

    ANDERSON; Lawson, Phineas, Jesse, Wallace
    BROWN; Willow, Lark, Annalie, Cordelia
    CAMPBELL; Lennon, Emerson, Charlie, Jason
    DAVIS; Macy, Sutton, Nora, Fiona
    EVANS; Violet, Athena, June, Cora
    EVANS; Lila, Piper, Eliza, Olivia
    GRAHAM; Ziggy, Rory, Sinclair, Justin
    JACKSON; Kasey, Stone, Gregory, Jeremy
    JOHNSON; James, Andrew, Jensen, Brandon
    JONES; McKinley, Miriam, Goldie, Elizabeth
    JONES; Jane, Lola, Lauren, Esther
    JONES; Wolf, Tatum, Coty, Beckett
    JONES; Gannon, Emmett, Jonathan, Elliot
    KELLY; Daphne, Callie, Kirsten, Sarah
    LEWIS; Claudia, Julia, Bailey, Shannon
    LEWIS; Kendal, Raleigh, Judson, Wilson
    MORGAN; Megan Summer, Jules, Louise
    MOORE; Autumn, Zoe, Avery, Beverly
    MURPHY; Nicholas, August, Truman, Sebastian
    MURPHY; Samuel, Shiloh, Arbor, Blade
    O'BRIEN; Lacey, Madyson, Faye, Sierra
    PHILLIPS; Eric, Silas, Phoenix, Ryder
    RODRIGUEZ; Sunny, Forest, Ash, River
    ROGERS; Hannah, Leah, Kate, Melanie
    RYAN; Sophia, Nicole, Layla, Jasmine
    RYAN; Scarlett, Skye, Jenny, Susannah
    RYAN; Rachel, Camille, Paige, Tess
    SMITH; Frank, Leo, Percy, Grover
    SMITH; Lukas, Caleb, William, Mason
    SULLIVAN; Elias, Emmanuel, Levi, Isaac
    WALLACE; Cassandra, Eleanor, Eden, Noemi
    WILSON; Henry, Joel, Jonas, Thomas
    My kiddos:

    Natalie Ruth, Emily Rose, Brandon Poole, & Jensen Andrew

    Names I'm loving at the moment:

    Calliope Justine, Jasper Coyote, Matilda Annabelle, & Jesse Scott

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