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    Exclamation Middle Name for Sebastien!!!

    Am expecting twins in January, don't know if it's boys or girls yet. For boys, we LOVE Arthur, Finley, Sebastien, Emmett and Clancy. Got middles fixed for a few of those - particularly liking:
    -Arthur Florian
    -Finley Cosmo

    But I can't find a middle name for Sebastien! It is such a long name, I feel that another long one would drown it out and make it too complicated for the poor child to write and spell. I don't want their name to be a tongue twister either - I need something that flows!

    Here's some suggestions for the kind of names we like:

    If you could make a combo out of any of the names above, then brilliant, but I can't seem to do it. It just doesn't sound right.
    P.S. Our surname is Wright.
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    I REALLY love Sebastien Evander Wright. I thought it wouldn't work because the first and middle both have 3 syllables, but I think it sounds great!
    I also like Sebastien Conrad Wright.

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    Sebastien Elijah Wright also works.

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    Arthur Florian is awesome! I also like Sebastien and Evander (I like Sebastien Evander as a name, but if that’s too long, you could try Jude, Asa, Ivo, James, Cole, Fox, Grant, Tate, Paul, Ozias, Levi or Milo as middles for Sebastien).

    From your list, the combos I like are Evander Bryce, Jasper Elijah, Jasper Kai, Lowell Jasper, and Leo Conrad.

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    I second Sebastien Elijah. Your last name is short so in the end it doesn't seem all that long.

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