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    I framed my daughter's birth announcement and my husband got a tattoo of a Cupie Doll which is something we used to call our daughter & is also fairly common in classic style tattoos...I am not a tattoo person, but I've considered getting a lion to symbolize my daughter's name meaning. I also found these really neat 1930's flashcards with the ABCs on them and plan to frame my daughter's name up at some point. But now I'm considering doing a theme room, so that might be more of an on-the-door thing if I can figure that out. We have done a lot of lion stuff for Leonie.

    I am not that into our shared birthstone or mom jewelry in general. I have to look into if there's anything out there with interesting designs. I would get a letter L necklace for sure. I've seen some cute stuff like that. They have letter rings at Catbird in Brooklyn that are really sweet & dainty.

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    I've been browsing the website. So many cute things! I have used this website to get wedding gifts for several friends. They have always been a hit!
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