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    Speaking of gifts..

    Are there any personalized gifts you plan on getting once you have kids?

    I found these cute monogrammed rings that I soo want! Initial Monogram / Handwriting silver name ring - $30.00 : Silver Promo

    I also considered birthstone necklaces!

    I like the idea of being able to pass these on to him/her when they are older!

    What about ink? Would you get their names tattooed on you?

    Can you tell I'm bored? Lol
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    I haven't gotten any kind of jewelry like that, and don't plan on it, though if someone got a piece for me I'd likely wear it.

    I do plan on getting a tattoo to symbolize motherhood, and might add her name & future children's names to it when I'm more recovered from birth.

    Her dad got her birthdate tattooed on him a few days after her birth
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    My husband is actually going to get Persephone's name tattooed on him today. He's going to do it with all the kids. I want to get initials and fingerprints but I have to wait till her fingers are bigger for a good print.

    I also wanted to get a personalized blanket but we ended up with like 30 blankets from out baby shower so I scrapped it. It did find lots of clothes with her name on them at and I want to get some of them. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I really like the personalized necklaces in the nameberry store.

    Those rings are really cute, whitegold!
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    My daughter has her name on her bedroom wall, and she has some blankets & toys with her name on them too. She also has a backpack with her name on it but she doesn't use that much as she's only 1.5, she just puts spare clothes in it to take to her childminders.

    As for me, I have a necklace with her name on that my husband brought me but I don't wear it often because my DD tends to pull at them if I've got hold of her so I don't want to risk it getting broken!

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